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Thanks for taking the time to stop by our website. Windcrest Farm is owned and operated by Gary and Terre Gordon. The farm is located in the Finger Lakes region of central New York State, just south of Auburn off State Route 34 on Wyckoff hill overlooking Owasco lake. The farm was originally a small dairy run by Gary's family. In the early 1970's a hog barn was built near the main barn and for several years Gary raised and successfully showed Duroc pigs around the state. In the mid 1980's he started seriously considering getting into the cattle business and bought a few head of beef cattle, mostly Hereford crosses and then later on bought a couple of registered Hereford heifers, and those few heifers are what started it all. Beef cattle just seemed to be the most logical thing to do with the farm. He joined the local beef associations and bought a few more Hereford females, and started to breed a few cows each year by artificial insemination. He liked the results he was getting from these A.I. bulls, noticing that each calf crop was just a little better than the year before and today we breed almost exclusively by A.I.

Although we are now a commercial operation we still keep a few registered black Angus females, along with some Hereford females as well. In order to keep our herd to a manageable size, the majority of our heifers and all of our steers are sold in the fall. We outwinter all of our cattle with free access to the barn.